Understanding the fundamentals of filmmaking formulates a finely tuned film. However, understanding the visual definition of these composition concepts is not well translated from textbooks so a challenge to build a collection of visual filmmaking terms through a series of short films was accepted. Machinima.com hosts a detailed filmmakers resource center with access to articles, tutorials, and other filmmakers where the goal to collectively enhance the craft is key. iClone and Reallusion sponsor the Machinima 101 Filmmakers Resource Center on Machinima.com. Check out the 36 iClone shorts produced by the Martin Bros. and powered by Reallusion.
Shooting – iClone Filmmaking Terms
Directing – iClone Filmmaking Terms
Editing – iClone Filmmaking Terms


  1. hey! Nice idea and well done. I think it would be even better with a VO track explaining some of the techniques. For instance, explain that with the 180 degree rule, the idea is to stay on one side of the line so as not to reverse screen direction. And for the low angle shot, maybe give an example of what it might say to the viewer when this technique is employed. What does that shot from Pulp Fiction do (or Citizen Cane for that matter)? Very cool idea though. I will point people from our TSL forum here.

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