Reallusion announces the release of iClone 2.5 including features for direct picking and object movement inside the 3D preview window, Camera enhancements and Character linkage with Objects for easy character interactivity. iClone 2.5 is a free upgrade now available to all Reallusion forum subscribers and set to release to everyone on 10/22/07. Feature details and video tutorials below…
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New features in iClone 2.5
1. Direct Picking and Manipulating Selected Objects

    ‧Double click to select and edit characters, accessories and props from inside the 3D preview window.
    ‧Objects selected in the 3D window will automatically be highlighted and corresponding Modify panels will be opened.
    ‧Direct move and rotate any picked objects using hotkeys – move: alt + arrow keys, rotate: ctrl + left/right, up and down: ctrl + up/down.

2. Add Linkage between Objects and Characters

    ‧Characters can be seated in moving cars, mounted to ride a horse, bike or any vehicle.
    ‧Characters linked to moving objects will animate while following the motion of the object which they are linked to.
    ‧Characters or props can be linked to other characters, accessories or props so the position, scale and rotation data applies to both parent and child objects.

3. Realistic Horse Props & Motions

    ‧One highly detailed horse featuring 2 sample LiveProp animations and saddle.
    ‧Project includes the “Link-to” Linkage feature showing the link relationship between characters and props.
    ‧For complete Horse pack content with 3 types of horses, 13 walks, canters, and running horse motions, full saddle sets and riders’ motion pack, checkout the complete Horse & Tack Theme Pack.

4. Large Scene Camera & Camera Snap hot-keys

    ‧Press the “E” key to quickly auto level the camera back to the upright position if the camera gets tilted.
    ‧Press the “F” key to zoom the camera view to the front of the selected object.
    ‧Press the “Home” key to view the selected object from top right position.
    ‧Rotate and orbit camera to the “F” or “Home” keys focused objects.
    ‧Camera templates for medium, large and extremely large scale scenes. Film large cityscapes, terrains, architecture and more.
    ‧Large camera templates remove the error of sky clipping issues.

5. Enhance character motions with BSM
(Bone System Modification)

    ‧Use a BSM file to fix motion distortion problems caused by applying motion data from a different bone scale base (G1 Characters applied with G2 character motions, or different scaled character using standard motion data)
    ‧Advanced motion tuning access with customization of Bone System Modification script (txt) files to create personalized character settings.

iClone 2.5 includes one Thoroughbred Horse as a Bonus Prop showcasing the ‘Link-to’ feature. An all New Horse Collection Pack debuts in the Content Store 10/22.
The horse contains two motions for your entertainment.
If you need a complete solution for horse animation,
please also check out the “Horse & Tack Theme Pack”.

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