World of Warcraft Machinima crosses into new territory with iClone filmmaker, Wolfzone. Most recently Wolfzone, who’s known widely in the iClone community for excellent creation of iClone props and models, now lends his iClone animation skills to Clan SkullCrusher and the World of Warcraft. Mixing models from the World of Warcraft by importing them as 3DS files through iClone’s 3DXchange, Wolfzone merges the worlds of iClone and WoW in this trailer for clan SkullCrusher.
View the movie here


  1. I am amazed and greatful that there are people that can make these fantastic videos. They certainly adds to the whole community, the content of the game and to some extent even the storyline. Much oblige for pointing me to this one, I’ll check it out once I am done with the French guys Naxxramas movie.

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