Cristo Redentor
The Film the World contest has inspired some great shorts from the community showcasing iClone animation and Google SketchUp models. Here’s one of the latest submissions from iClone filmmaker David-Josue. Josue goes big with his latest iClone short featuring a towering romp through Rio de Janeiro with Christ the Redeemer.
Notes from David:
(Portuguese: O Cristo Redentor), is a statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The statue stands 39.6 metres, and is located at the peak of the Corcovado mountain overlooking the city. A symbol of Christianity, the statue has become an icon of Rio and Brazil.
In this short animation film Christ the Redeemer,is back to life. He is walking down Rio de Janeiro streets, undressing little by little, until He plunges into the sea.
This video is inspired by the famous commercial film of Hollywood chewing gum ]

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  1. Very well done. It certainly grabs your attention. I am windering if it is possible (or will be possible) to create a “depth of field” in iClone. It would allow a more natural separation of the background from the foreground. Also more shadow or light tools could achieve the effect more.Well done!

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