HypoHeretic – an iClone Machinima music video
Hypoheretic is a song by hit UK music artist, Kirsty Hawkshaw.
Kirsty HawkshawKirsty has many chart topping tracks to her credit and currently holds the #2 dance music track in the UK for, ‘Fine Day 2008’. Kirsty is a pioneer in dance and pop music with early success performing with her band Opus III in the 90’s and later singing with electronic superstars: Orbital, Paul Okenfold, BT, DJ Tiesto and more.
http://www.themartinbros.com/borg.html for more information and production notes
Film by John C Martin II, The Martin Bros.
Filmed in real-time 3D with Reallusion iClone 2.5
Edited with Ulead Video Studio 11
Performed by Kirsty Hawkshaw
Song Produced by kirsty hawkshaw and Glen Nicols
Lyrics by kirsty hawkshaw and Alex Mei
The filmmaking process all took place in iClone for the footage generation and then post editing done with Ulead Video Studio 11. The compatibility with Google 3D Warehouse and DAZ 3D models made content collection for models needed in the production much easier using iClone 3DXchange. I detail the models used and a standard filmmaking technique, Matte Painting, in more detail at www.TheMartinbros.com.


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