The official launch is set for 08-08-08 and you can get the full details and some demo video here:

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Thank you for your patience as we have been working to complete iClone 3. Now it’s time to see what we’ve been up to. Since we launched iClone we have gotten many feature requests and comments each day on how to improve iClone. We know you all wish to quickly move iClone to the next stage as much as we do. It’s tough, we’ve been working at this goal over 18 months of development and we appreciate your patience; however, you certainly won’t regret the wait.
iClone 3 heads
We start from this basic philosophy, to make a good movie the actor is important, the director is important, the cameras and lighting are important, editing and post production are important too. So to this, Reallusion has reinvented iClone with this ideology: CREATE – PLAY – EDIT – SHARE
iClone Cameras
iClone 3 combines the best of both worlds to achieve this new invention. We’ve combined the interactive productivity and playful experience of a videogame-based Machinima tool with the muscle of a professional multiple timeline 3D animation tool resulting in a blend that’s easy to use and packed with power.
iClone 3 heads
iClone 3 heads
iClone 3 heads
iClone 3 tools panel


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