Stowaways Sci Fi Machinima from Singapore
Stowaways series launches from Singapore students and filmmakers. The sci fi Machinima series by Lee and Falzone is a great narrative produced with iClone and features a complete cast of voices recorded in excellent quality. I hope to see more from Falzon and Lee. Great work!
More from the Stowaways creators:
“It’s a wee bit rough and ready, rougher round the edges than we would have liked…but we think its fun! 🙂
Please feel free to watch, comment, download, link to and share the ep! The more people who watch the better!
The plan is to upload an episode every week (unless real life gets in the way, darn it!) so if you like the show check back every Saturday! If you watch, we’ll keep making them…
Thanks to our talented actors who all worked for free(!), Steven Tok for his hints and tips re: animation, and the Orita Sinclair School of Art & New Media for the use of its recording studio.
Finally, thanks to Joss Whedon, Ron Moore, Bryan Fuller and a select handful of others who insist on telling the stories they love and often end up canceled because of it! 😉 Such is life. Thanks for your amazing persistence.
Cheers and we hope you enjoy our humble efforts.
JL and PF
Software used in production: Celtx, Audacity, iClone Studio 2.5, Crazy Talk 4.6, Magix Movie Edit Pro 14+, Magix Music Maker 11 Deluxe, FXhome EffectsLab Pro, After Effects. ”


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