Angels v Demons
Capemedia releases their latest iClone movie featuring the classic battle between good and evil. Colin’s fight scenes are becoming a signature part of his films and the AvD movie again demonstrates his expertise in this genre. Combining visual effects, talented voice work, a great score and cinematography, Angels vs. Demons showcases great iClone techniques.
From the creator:
Since the beginning of time a war has raged in purgatory.
This film does contain artistic nudity and so is given an 18 rating. Viewer’s discretion will be required, please take this into consideration when viewing this film.
Paula Cooper – Demon
Michelle Stephenson – Angel
Music from
Solemnis – Igor Dvorkin & Duncan Pittock
Video Co-Pilot Pro Scores
Sound Design from
Video Co-Pilot Designer Sound Effects
Soundeffects by
Animated with
iClone 3.2
Special Effects with
Adobe After Effects CS4
Edited with
Adobe Premiere CS4
Sky footage from
Written and directed by
Colin Cooper


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