This year’s Machinima-Expo showcased some excellent storytelling and animation created by citizen-directors from around the world.  Over a thousand online attendees gathered at to celebrate their craft and view movies selected by the Machinima-Expo jury. Indepth tutorial videos on real-time filmmaking from many of the directors and filmmakers were also featured.  Two of the Jury prizes given at the ceremony were created in our iClone animation software and were each crowd favorites.  All the films selected for this year’s expo and the featured director talks and tutorials can be viewed on the Machinima-Expo’s Vimeo channel.   Congratulations to all participants and winners! Realluison’s sponsorship continues for this excellent event organized by Ricky Grove and number of volunteers whom we all thank for their hard work! See you in 2014 🙂

Machinima Expo 6 – Trailer by Tom Jantol
(created in iClone)

Official Machinima Expo 6 Trailer – Tom Jantol from Ricky Grove on Vimeo.

 Jury Prize:

The Amazing, Fantastical, Electrical Adventures of Young Tesla, Ep. 2 by Mark Pleasant

The Amazing, Fantastical, Electrical Adventures of young Tesla Episode #2 by Mark Pleasant from Ricky Grove on Vimeo.

 Jury Prize:

Remember Me by Kate Lee and Sherwin Liu

Remember Me by Kate Lee & Sherwin Liu from Ricky Grove on Vimeo.

Sketchup to iClone Pipeline with Geoff Casavant

The Sketch-Up to iClone Pipeline with Geoff Casavant from Ricky Grove on Vimeo.

View the full jury awards and grand prize winner


About the Machinima-Expo:

The Machinima Expo is a yearly film festival for machinima created by volunteers who are themselves machinima filmmakers and artists. Machinima (muh-shin-ih-muh) is a form of 3D animation made entirely inside of a real time engine. Now, when we say “engine”, we mean a video-game engine like World of Warcraft, Second Life or Half Life 2. These engines make it possible for users/players to capture their actions inside of the real-time 3D world and then edit them into animated scenes. This is machinima (machine + cinema)


  1. very interesting post about animation movies. congratulations to all the team of Machinima-Expo's Vimeo channel. You deserve this achievement. I really like to see animations movies. keep it up.

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