Do you know why Garry chose to use CrazyTalk Animator? Let’s see what he said.

The first thing that grabbed my attention with CrazyTalk Animator was the fact that it was able to produce the look of the old cartoons I watched on TV as a kid. It allows me to get the same feel of those cartoons without having to painstakingly draw every frame. The simple key framing and tweening system along with the flexibility of the character joints and available motion packs means I can animate a character running across the screen with one button. That allows me to focus on the performance of my characters instead of the boring frame by frame work.

But the thing that impressed me most when I first discovered CrazyTalk Animator was that not only could you animate the characters, but the incredible flexibility of animating the camera movements and the three dimensional look you could create with two dimensional illustrations. That’s what really sells an animation and makes it more polished. The ability to push the camera through the scene as if it were a live action movie set.

The learning curve with CrazyTalk Animator was really just a matter of watching the online tutorials and then trying out each function for myself to see what results I could get. You can read all the instruction manuals you can get your hands on, but nothing beats the “hands on” approach. Click a button. See what it does. I was able to create my first short animation using the included content within an hour or so. From then on, it was just a matter of learning the finer details.


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Dungeon for CrazyTalk Animator by Garry Pye

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