In our last video (Episode1), you learned all about the real-time surface smoothing capabilities that will be introduced in iClone 6, that automatically created smoother and more even surfaces on models in real-time using distance adaptive technology.

This time around, we have something even cooler… Tesselation!

Episode2: Tessellation

Tessellation allows you to add geometry to any model and have it render in real-time via the addition of height and vector displacement maps. This is made possible with Direct X 11, which iClone 6 will support!

In a real-time environment, it’s hard to create detailed surfaces without raising polygon count significantly. However, the appearance of surface details can be accomplished via height or vector displacement maps, which create the illusion of texture on a surface by applying a pre-generated image map to it.

By modifying the hieight displacement map alone, you can also change facial details, giving you the ability to customize and emphasize certain facial features as well.

The limitation of height maps is that it is just that, creating the illusion of height, but often without detailed curvature or shape. Vector displacement on the other hand is able to produce incredibly detailed shapes from simple material map data.

One of the huge advantages of vector displacement is the ability to produce undercut details on your model. Where height displacement simply stretches out the geometry, vector displacement produces refined curves and edges, creating an unparalleled sense of detail to your model.



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