Review Score: 4 out of 5 

“CrazyTalk Animator 2 has plenty of other tricks up its sleeve: from its Multi-Dimensional Character System, allowing you to animate characters at different angles, to its ability to render out in numerous styles.”

“If you are interested at creating animated content but without the hassle of everything that comes with it, I highly recommend you try it out.”

“Overall, CrazyTalk Animator 2 is a great little package that may seem a little quirky but comes with a pretty powerful punch. And like I said previously, it’s a good bundle of fun.”

“what I found to be CrazyTalk Animator 2’s great strength was the ease at which you could build your own characters and apply the same animation clips that are supplied with the package. Either through editing photographs or designing your own assets in external packages such as Photoshop or Flash, you could very easily start creating your own personal animation.”

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