In today’s world, giving presentation is pretty much a necessity whether you are a startup or an established business. But we all know no one wants to sit through many slides of boring texts – that is the quickest way to fall asleep. They want interesting visuals, captivating stories and, most of all, they want to know YOU. They want to remember your brand and choose it from among many. So it is up to you to make your presentation, marketing video and campaign as distinctive and personalized as possible.

Here are top 5 effective presentation tools that would enable you to do just that.

CrazyTalk Animator 2

CrazyTalk Animator 2 is a trend starter, a dynamic animation tool designed to create professional presentation with an ease. With its unlimited community resources and expandable content library such as Mega Presenter, it is everything you need to get started on creating unique animations.

Mix and match to create custom characters, props and motion in an instant. Why not go the extra mile and brand your avatar by using your own photo. Make it the face of your business, or use it to liven up your presentation. A custom avatar would give you a memorable identity, and it will pluck you right out from your competitors. Quickly copy and paste your avatar, animation and images to Keynote, PowerPoint and other presentation platforms. Get going by adding it to other web and office applications.

There is no limit to CrazyTalk Animator 2 capabilities. With well-defined presentation templates, you can create appealing messages, props and characters that will waken the broad-room and make you unforgettable. Import and export in various media format, whether audio, video, images or Flash. Create animated storyboards, use it for marketing videos, commercials, business strategy or presentation. Make your audience laugh with humorous comics, relax them with visuals, and engage them with powerful storytelling.

Everything in CrazyTalk Animator 2 is fully customizable and, with its user friendly interface, you can let your imagination go wild.

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GoAnimate makes animation a breezy experience. You can produce animated presentation on the go (pun intended) with its easy drag and drop feature. It is a cloud-based platform, so all you need is an internet and you are on your way. You are presented with a great selection of pre-made characters, props and backgrounds to modify and use.

Edit your content right there by simply dragging them into slides, and if you are a premium member, download your video into MP4 and publish them on YouTube.

GoAnimate is fun to get started with, and gives you enough tools to make an engaging presentational and marketing video. If you are as brave, go one step further and opt to fully customize your objects, and create a showstopping video.

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PowToon focuses on giving animated presentation to business and professionals. It is a cloud based software, and it comes with a variety of features to take your presentation from dull to polished.

If you are used to PowerPoint interface, then you would be delighted with PowToon. Its interface has an even layout to enable you to navigate your way around without much of a tutorial. It comes with a good amount of animated characters, special effects and helpful templates to get you started on creating your marketing video. These templates come with video previews so that you can see what the finished video looks like before tackling it.

Best of all, PowToon comes with a great selection of royalty-free music to add to your video to spice it up. With one click, you can export it to YouTube, or just simply download it. Create professional videos with PowToon without hiring a professional.

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Prezi is that new kid that changes the game. Although not an animation software in which you can create animated characters, it does use animation to give your presentation a kick that sends it to a whole new dimension. With Prezi, it is all about visualization.

Collectively, it is a mind-mapping cloud-based software that takes all of your ideas and messages onto one page and, using its zooming and swooping motions, it can allow you to concentrate on each path. Add text, videos, images and any formatted medium, and then watch as you take your audience on a journey.

Since it is cloud-based, you can sync to all of your devices from your tablet to desktop, and you can present to your audience anywhere. Prezi is a great tool to try out, at least once.

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Yes, we know PowerPoint is an oldie and you are probably scratching your head thinking why it is on the list. But don’t doze off just yet, it still has some tricks left in its old bones. The trick is how you use Microsoft PowerPoint and, when you know that, you can utilize its features to create effective presentation.

PowerPoint interface is as easy as peas. You can get started without a fuss. Create quick slides that convey your message, and add transition animations between slides to liven your presentation. PowerPoint comes with built in templates and, if not satisfied, visit its large community of free templates. Enhance your presentation by adding images, diagrams, videos and more, and you know PowerPoint can take it.

PowerPoint is on a try and tested product, that can deliver, depending how you use it.

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