A real film that combines the use of real video footage with iClone animations will be theatrically released in LA this Friday, 30 January.

The film, Plato’s Reality Machine will open for a one week limited theatrical release at the Arena Cinema in Hollywood on January 30th.  A Chekhovian romantic comedy with a dash of techno/sci-fi thrown in for good measure, the narrative depicts the interweaving affairs of six attractive New Yorkers in their late 20s/early 30s.  They achieve physical intimacy quickly while having difficulty attaining enduring emotional attachments. The focus is on Charles, who has an obsession with a futuristic video game that features a seductive female ray-gun-toting space soldier, Sophia. But his other five human associates are all playing games of their own. One of Charles’ lovers, the dazzling Maggie, finds enough presence of mind to (finally) want a truly adult relationship. Will Charles be able to win this very special woman back, or will he retreat to the video world of outer space forever?

Photo Credit: Platos Reality Machine


Interview Myles Sorensen – the director of Plato’s Reality Machine

“I started writing Plato’s Reality Machine about five years ago. I had this idea to do a film about 6 single New Yorkers and their interlocking relationships. And I also knew that part of the film would be interviews with these characters, in a reality-show format. But I knew I needed a third part to the film, as the first two parts were so dialogue driven and talky. I wanted the third part to be something visual, exciting. So eventually I came up with the idea of having the third element be a video-game, and to have the story in the video-game be another one of the “relationships” we see in the film.

As I was researching how to create the video-game animation, I learned about Machinima and the community of people who make Machinima. That led me to iClone and I immediately saw it would be the perfect tool to create the kind of animation I needed. iClone just has a huge amount of sets and characters and overall ability to customize, so I thought it would be great fit.”

Read more back stage story: http://www.reallusion.com/reallusiontv/featuredstory/Myles_Sorensen.aspx

To visit Plato’s Reality Machine official website: http://platosrealitymachine.com/

Ticket info:

Get your seat now: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/platos-reality-machine-tickets-15196096935

Or you can buy the movie from iTune: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/platos-reality-machine/id920283726  


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