Reallusion has worked together with Allegorithmic to bring you a distinctive and functional selection of premium Substance materials for use in iClone 6.

Watch the full collection of Substance materials for iClone.

Ready-to-use Substance Materials: 81 Architecture, 21 Metals, 16 Stones, 40 Wood, 25 Ground and 17 Input.

This essential library of substances can be customized and modified via a slider interface to achieve a nearly unlimited variety of visual material results for more flexibility and enhanced realism.


Aging Substance Tool

B2M Substance Tool

Decal Substance Tool

Each of these unique substances are available exclusively from Reallusion, and contain adaptable custom functionality which allows them to act as a substance as well as a powerful design tool for any surface. Input your own texture maps into these substances and blend them with a wide spectrum of ingenious effects to produce your very own gorgeous materials.

We also offer hands-on and comprehensive guides and resources to help you with creating your own complex substances in no time. Just follow the step-by-step process laid out within and use the source files to become a Substance Designer pro in no time! More info>>


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