Get a thorough introduction to the Character Creator, the latest and greatest release from the creative minds at Reallusion! This powerful and innovative new tool provides unlimited freedom and flexibility when creating new actors for your production, and these 3 introductory tutorials will give you all the initial know-how you need to get started. Don’t miss ’em!  
This tutorial introduces the basics of the Character Creator, starting from a brief explanation of the UI and moving on through a load of templates that Reallusion provides to create a rough-looking outdoorsy type of character.

Along the way, you’ll learn about simple body morphing, modifying your character’s skin using powerful substance materials, applying clothing and then completely destroying the clothing with procedural aging and dirt. Finally, the character will be exported into iClone and tested out with a couple of motion tools.

iClone Character Creator Tutorial – Character Creator Basics & UI

The ability to shape your character’s body to the smallest detail is one of the most powerful features in iClone’s Character Creator. This tutorial will run you through the basics of this fundamental skill, and you will not only learn how to change the mesh of your character’s body, but also a couple of useful tips on how to emphasize certain aspects of your character’s physique using normal map sliders and specular values.

You’ll also get a peek at some of the more powerful parameters that you can use as part of the Essential Morph content pack which you can purchase separately as a complimentary addition to the Character Creator tool.
iClone Character Creator Tutorial – Body Morphing Basics

There are endless options for customizing your clothing designs with the Character Creator for iClone! By utilizing the Appearance Editor to manipulate substance materials, you’re now able to adjust and refine small details like fabric, patterns, and aging details by using built-in sliders.

This tutorial is a brief walkthrough and summary about what exactly the clothing bases consist of. You’ll learn about the main clothing modification categories, RGB Mask images, patterns, and decals.

Lastly, you’ll learn about creating awesome procedural aging effects to add a more worn-out and authentic effect.

iClone Character Creator Tutorial – Clothing Design & Structure

You can find out more information about the Character Creator at this link here:

To download the free version of the Character Creator, please log into your Reallusion account at this link:

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