Pro-User Mark Bremmer’s take on iClone 6 – Award of Superiority from Microfilmmaker Magazine

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Reviewer Mark Bremmer operates his own commercial studio for over 18 years, working with clients like Caterpillar, Colgate, Amana, Hormel Foods, Universal Studios Florida, and The History Channel; producing stills, digital mattes and animations. He also typically uses C4D, Vue and Lightwave for his TV or movie footage projects, along with Poser for human content.

His critique of iClone is from a pro-grade software user perspective, shinning some light on his views of iClone and why it won the Award of Superiority from MicroFilmmaker Magazine.


iClone 6 PRO and Character Creator receive Award of Superiority


  • “Using iClone 6 in it’s most humble fashion would get you some amazing pre-visualization images and footage – the kind of stuff that helps you think through scene building or attract investors to the project.”
  • “iClone 6 is super easy to use. In fact, it’s a pleasure to use. Whoever is in charge of the software user experience at Reallusion deserves an award.”
  • “The depth of options in iClone 6 is awesome and practically overwhelming for this price point of software.”
  • “Using Character Creator you have 100% authority over body type, ethnicity and cosmetics.”
  • “Do you need or want a pre-viz tool that easily let’s you realistically create cinematic camera moves, scene and character builds? Then this is by far the best package I’ve used.”

The complete review article is HERE


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More information about the iClone Character Creator

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