iClone Character Creator is the new and exciting tool that iCloners everywhere are using to create unlimited combinations of body shapes, morphs, sizes and unique facial features. In the short time that it has been out, its no wonder why so many users are praising its huge potential for 3D animation, and video game development. Even media outlets have already started sharing their positive views on the tool.

“Using Character Creator you have 100% authority over body type, ethnicity and cosmetics.” ~ Microfilmmaker Magazine review

Based on this new excitement, the Reallusion social media team has been periodically running Facebook Mini Events to encourage users to use the tool to win software prizes. The September Mini Event ran with the Celebrity Creator contest, where users applied their best skills to create a celebrity look-alike character.

For October, we had a Halloween Monster Creator event that saw lots of great monster entries!  Let’s take a look at some of those amazing contest submissions.


The contest Winner was — Marc Wakefield — with his “Gil” monster character

He created the base avatar in Character Creator, then exported with 3DXchange to work in 3D-coat and Zbrush, before bringing it back to iClone for fast animation!


Gil Close-up

Gil face close up

Gil’s son

Son of Gil

Another experiment – female Gil

girl gil

Marc really enjoyed his creation, this is what he said: “I am really loving CC! This would obviously need a bit more work but the fact that you can create one morph and a set of normal maps and bring them back in to CC for unlimited variations is amazing! So fast!”

Other great monsters were from –

The Troll – Game Character made by Tobias Kolodziey

He uses the iClone Character Creator and his own custom morphs. Final rendering was done in Indigo.

tobias kolodziey

Hagraven made by Richard Gall

This character was entirely made in Character Creator, with original props for the character (the nails/talons/feathers) and original textures at 4096. Rendered in iClone 6.

Richard Gall

Jessica Reyes’s Demon, and Mad Man Looking for Bodies

She used Character Creator tool and iClone 6 Pro

Jessica Reyes

Jessica Reyes 3

CC Monster made by Mandor Moviemachine

Mandor movimachine

Edwina Peoples made by GerskeyakaGerard McCloskey


With iClone 6 Pro & Character Creator, you can significantly shorten the animation/character design cycle.

Benefits for you:

  • Infinite combination of 3D morphing possibilities
  • Fully-rigged characters that are ready for any animation
  • Vivid lip-sync and facial expressions
  • Hundreds of motions that are ready for use, with the optional Kinect add-on

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Experience the power of the Character Creator tool

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