Panel discussion – How to Develop Previs in Asia?

Reallusion participated at the grand annual CG event at Asia- SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015, held in Kobe, Japan on November 2nd-5th. Cristopher Chen, Vice President of Reallusion, as one of the founding director of the PREVISUALIZATION SOCIETY ASIA, lead a panel discussion in SIGGRAPH with the topic – “How to Develop PreVis in Asia?” with 4 other speakers on November 4th.


Previs is one of the most important techniques to support the film making process

Film making in Asia often faces some serious problems due to the budget shortage and limited time for production. Planning and design is just not enough. Script and image boarding is not completed before shooting, and final images are not known before completion.

Daniel Gregoire, HALON Entertainment, USA

Daniel Gregoire

Daniel said -“There is no way to make better movies if we keep having problems. Previs is the best technique to ensure all problems and risks are resolved or highlighted, so as to make higher quality movies.”

Daniel also shared his observation about Hollywood film making: “In Hollywood, Previs is very commonly used in the film making process. And  it often determines the visuals and the story of a movie. Some might even say that a Previs director is the real director of the movie.”

Christopher Chen, Reallusion Inc., Taiwan


As a pioneer real-time animation software company, Reallusion’s Vice President Christopher Chen shared his observations about Asia: ”We found that the needs for Previs in the Asian film industry have increased greatly in recent years. The entertainment market competition has urged film producers in Asia to face quality and budget control issues. But the general concept for Previs in Taiwan and in Asia is still quiet inadequate.”

Key to Success –  “Monster Hunt” and “Attack on Titan” movies increase tremendous efficiency with Previs

Gavin Boyle, BaseFX, China

Gavin Boyle2

“It really opens a window for me to work with many top directors in China”, said Gavin Boyle, the Previs Supervisor of Base FX. Starting his career in 1996, Gavin is planning to build a crew and help train young artists in China.

As the leading visual effects studio in China, Base FX started to use Previs in its projects in 2013, working for Raman Hui on Monster Hunt. With more than 450 artists in Beijing, Wuxi and Xiamen, the studio is going to promote Previs in China and in Asia, helping producers, directors, and DPs for better planning and visual effects.

Satoshi Yamaguchi, ACW-DEEP, Japan

Santoshi Yamaguchi

“Monster Hunt” is one of most popular animation movies of 2015. This previs of the movie made BY ACW-DEEP company. “In Japan, the film making process work of division is quiet balance. Therefore the film director, director of photography and Pre-viz director very much rely on previs tools to help with communication efficiency.” ACW-DEEP CEO Santoshi Yamaguchi said.


Danyo Yoon, Pretzeal, Korea


“In the past, they simply assign CG effects people to direct previs, but currently as the requirement for previs is more professional, a previs director with a film making set of mind is essential now.” Danyo Yoon said.

Previualization Society Asia

The objective of the society is to popularize Previs in Asia, addressing from two major routes. It will promote education of Previs in Asia by providing tools and information to pioneer teachers and artists around Asia to link movie making and CG production closely. It aims for technical collaboration on production for all members to share information about Previs and discuss how to solve any problems that they have on movie making.

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