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iClone users worldwide create stunning animations that are often used in movie-making, commercial explainer videos, games, pre-visualizations and just about everything. And once in a while we stumble upon animated music videos that instantly make us smile. Some of these animations are created for professional projects while others are just created for fun. Either way, we would like to salute them by including them in our Top 5 Musical Animations for 2015!

Top 1.  Roberto Colombo – Another day in Paradise (Phil Collins)

Rather than a movie, Roberto Colombo decided to plug himself into a beautiful 3D world where he portrayed the duality of life in a constant struggle for balance. Roberto recorded videos of himself against a green screen, chroma keyed them out and, thanks to iClone 6 Pro, brought them into Another Day in Paradise.

Top 2.  Direx1974 – Old Money (Lana Del Rey)

Direx1974 is big fan of Lana Del Rey, and likes almost every song she makes, especially the songs from her last album “Ultraviolence”. There was one song, which touched him the most; the track – “Old Money”; which is a wonderful, sad and heartbreaking song. Direx1974 always had pictures in his mind while listening to this song. The lyrics gave him much room for interpretation, which he used iClone to finish it with. This animated movie follows his feeling of this song. It’s not a music video, but a beautiful short story inspired by this great song.

Top 3.  Anshulj – Where I go (Mark Knopfler)

A beautifully made animation for the Talenthouse video contest, where Ashulj used Mark Knopfler’s “Where I go” track, to create a heart-warming story of a loving man reminiscing about his life-long love for his partner. A truly touching animation, that journeys through the many seasons of life, accompanied by an even more tender song.

Top 4.  Tom Jantol – Muse (The Handler) Official Music Video

Tom Jantol does it again, by bringing his artistry and craft to the alternative English rock band “Muse”, who contracted him to create a specially made animation for their official “The Handler” music video! Tom’s animations are so well known that the band even uses them as their background visuals during their live concert performances. Amazing work from this world famous iCloner!

Top 5.  Pine Tail Music  – PH2/せっかくどうもね

A touching animated video of a boy that grows up to be the man that he his, thanks to the love and care of his dear grandmother. Music is the universal language, and even though this music video doesn’t have any subtitles, it still touches our hearts in a special way. Pine Tail Music did a wonderful job at creating some pretty cool animations and visuals, thanks to the iClone toon shader effects!


Honorable Mentions

Johnny Gibson’s – I Still Love Her (Big B)

Performed by Big-B, and animated by Johnny Gibson’s Lawsuit Pending Records. This was part of a first prize for a competition held by legendary UK producer Mr. Stuart Epps –“The Stuart Epps song contest”. Loop Radio hosted the event. And thanks to this, we are able to enjoy a well-done iClone animation accompanied by a great country song with super vocals from Big B.

Norte43 – Concierto Marino (Marine Concert)

A charmingly crafted wonder-world of sea creatures prancing to the tune of Flight of the Valkyries, complete with its own underwater orchestra, protagonist and antagonist to complete the show. Exceptional detail and creativity from Norte43!

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