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Since its inception iClone has always been a fan favorite when it comes to creating 3D animated movies, due to its director’s chair perspective on fast and easy storytelling. For this and many other reasons, its no surprise that one can discover many great sci-fi / adventure films made with iClone 3D animation software.

Here we chose the Top 5 Adventure Animations of 2015 to pay tribute to all you adventure artists out there!

Top 1. 《Orphan Chronicles》  by Josh Osborne

When a planned delivery goes wrong, the Orphan and the delivery girl – Eve, discover more than they bargain for, setting the stage for a most entertaining story…

With outstanding cartoon-like characters, a stylized animation style, and fine attention to details this animated movie tops the list as the best iClone Adventure Animation for 2015. Congratulations on an awesome job guys!

Top 2. 《Indiana Jones and the Time Stone》 by Oliver Rommé

Indiana Jones and the Time Stone is a French animated fan film (with English subtitles), that follows the  adventures of the famous archaeologist in an original story.

This awesome 22-minute animation ingeniously exploits not just the power of iClone but also of its many assets and content packs, as the author cleverly used the Toon Generation Teen Pack to quickly create and re-purpose iClone characters for a multitude of characters!

Top 3. 《Star Wars: The Dark Force Teaser》  by Andre Peisker 

Andre does it again, this time in preparation for the latest Star Wars movie. In the professional hands of Andre, this work delivers great direction, visual effects and impressive sound that will get any Star War Trilogy fan excited. Relive the Star Wars Universe with excellent atmosphere, iconic tunes and our favorite Empire villains. May the force be with you Mr. Peisker!

Top 4. 《Chronicles of Humanity: Redemption Episode 1》  by Damien Valentine 

The Chronicles of Humanity series is back! This is the first of a three part special to celebrate Chronicles of Humanity’s 10th anniversary. Created with iClone 6 and Indigo RT.

Damien Valentine created Episode 1 – an 11 minute animated video complete with high visuals, cinematic scenes and even a Wilhelm scream! Showing great skill and effort with iClone. We look forward to the next episode!

Top 5. 《Space Investigator – Episode 1.2》  by MagicProjectFilm 

Another big effort made into a sci-fi film, but this time entirely in German. In this first episode, the studio successfully builds tension and a spacious war atmosphere with interesting visual effects where a detective works tirelessly in a far away galaxy. In Episode Two, the investigators start their mission, and the dark force finally shows its face.

Episode 1

Episode 2


Honorable Mentions

《Circular Life》  by Marc Takerkart

A very interesting story with good direction, editing and character creation. It’s a short story about a man that finds an interesting artifact which transforms into a mechanical robot whom he later engages in a fight to the death.

The filmmaker created this short movie with iClone 6 and states: ” I love this software, it gives me the opportunity to make a movie in a very easy/fast way…” – Mark Takerkart

《The Spartan》   By Walid Abou Ali

A brief but a well-made animation scene where the creator used iClone and 3ds Max to create his characters, and then did the animations with iClone before exporting to 3ds Max for final render with the Thea Render engine.

Bringing us a golden warrior fighting scene with smooth movements and great renders.

Create your own adventure animations with iClone 

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  1. Wow ! I’m very proud to be a part of this list (Indy fan film). Thank you very much, Reallusion for this article and for your fantastic software.

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