Hi everybody! We’ve been getting a lot of questions since we launched the  iClone Game Character Design Platform about how to  create 3D characters for use in  Unity3D, Unreal and Autodesk Stingray. Whether you are embarking on your first game project or you’re a seasoned pro, these tutorials will help you quickly design and morph a 3D character:

1.Shape the Body and Face

Shape the body and face with a massive array of options for quickly morphing a custom look. Edit the clothing, skin and face with the Appearance Editor and finalize the design for iClone.

2.Preview and Record  Motion

Use the Motion Puppet panel to preview and record a motion sequence for your character.

3.Generate Body Motion

The fastest way to generate body motion for your character, the Motion Puppet panel has an assortment of customizable motions. You can made further edits with the Motion Layer and HumanIK.

4.Into Unity 3D

Get your character and animation into Unity 3D and use the 3rd Person Character Controller to set up your 3D avatar. Learn how to instantly adopt the Mecanim motion system.

5.Prepare FBX File with 3DXchange

Learn how to ready your character and animation for Unity3D by preparing a FBX file with 3DXchange.




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