Highly Commended Award for 3D Software – Character Creator


iClone Character Creator just won the Highly Commended Award for software on 3D World Magazine’s 2016 February issue; receiving a score of  4 out of 5.

Reviewer Rob Redman is an industry veteran, who runs course covering VFX, animation and filmmaking.

Here are some of his review quotes-

Highly-Commended_100x100“The integration with iClone is a big selling point, as the integration is where the power lies. “

“Reallusion have spend real development time ensuring there are many choices to help personlise figure-from refined makeup and skin tone controls, to elements of wear and tear, and even rips to add to clothing.”

“The resulting figures are not at the pinnacle of quality; they’re not meant to be. They are rigged, and are easy to work with; perfect for pre-viz and visualisation work.”

Character Creation is a specialized tool that takes a massive amount of effort, and converts into a single, easy to use process which any character design professional will absolutely love.

To experience the power of iClone’s Character Creator, with free 3D character downloads for the Unity 3D platform. Visit: http://www.reallusion.com/iclone/game

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