CrazyTalk – Top 5 CrazyTalk Animations of 2015


Turning photos and images into instant talking heads, and talking pets, has been widely popular in animation and film-making since 2000, thanks in part to the first launch of CrazyTalk, the  world’s most popular facial animation software.

Every year, we are amazed to see how CrazyTalk is used globally in so many fun and creative ways, ways that awaken our curiosity and inspiration!

To pay tribute to these awesome CrazyTalk artists, we have selected the Top 5 CrazyTalk animations from 2015. Roll the tape!

Top 1.《Behind closed doors》by Jānis Skulme

Official music video for Olga Korsak’s song – “Behind closed doors”. A professionally made music video where they used CrazyTalk 7 to animate paintings and sculptures.

This CrazyTalk animated video perfectly demonstrates how CrazyTalk is not just a fun tool for creating talking heads and talking avatars, but that it also lends itself to professional and corporate applications with very high quality results that save artists, companies and studios lots of time, money and effort.

Top2.《Where Are They Now?》  by Steve Cutts

This hilarious animated short film is base on the U.S economic recession of 2008. A highly creative animation that brings us into the retired lives of Jessica Rabbit, Garfield, He-Man and others. Giving us a glimpse at the life of cartoon characters facing reality long after the prime of their heyday…

Animator and illustrator Steve Cutts did an excellent job at story telling, character creation, dialogue and animation. The talking scripts are hilarious and very entertaining. Steve created all the voices by himself, and the animations in After Effects, Flash, Photoshop and CrazyTalk PRO 7.

Top 3. 《Picture cooperative》 by Evgeniy Klimov 

— The Yekaterinburg Art Gallery of Modern Art’s 10th anniversary is coming, and one night when the gallery is closed, the gallery picture committee comes to life…

A very well make script with a great sense of humor, and an excellent use of CrazyTalk. Reminding us how a great idea, a dose of creativity, and a software copy can be the best ingredients for an amazing animation!

Top 4. 《ID Tags For Pets》 by Evgeniy Klimov 

Officer Barker is interviewed by Katie and Davy with helpful information about ID tags for cats and dogs. ID tags are the best way for pet owners to be reunited with a lost pet.

Seeing your pet talk always evokes a hearty laugh, but having a group of talking pets interact with each other can be explosively hilarious! With CrazyTalk, you can even take this a step further by turning your animation into a public service announcement. Who says only humans can talk? Enjoy!

Top 5. 《Usapang Pera: Mga perang nag-uusap》 by Estib Vhen

What happens when money talks? Well, nothing really walks… because we are not really talking about business, instead we are literally talking about money talking!

You might think it’s crazy, but this is really the spirit of CrazyTalk; where cartoons can talk, paintings can talk, pets can talk, and even money has its say.

You can create your own amazing CrazyTalk animation, it’s so easy!

Just check out HERE

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