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Reallusion Launched CrazyTalk 8


Create & Animate Photo-to-3D Characters Studio-level 3D head creation & animation for everyone!

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Reallusion launches CrazyTalk 8 photo-to-3D animation software now available for Mac & PC.  Previously, facial animation and 3D head modeling were commonly only accessible to advanced animators and 3D professionals, but now CrazyTalk 8’s new approach guides users through creating a custom 3D head using one or two photos.  CrazyTalk 8 has revolutionized face fitting and modeling with the recently patented fitting process now able to generate 3D talking heads that are shaped and textured by the photo. Fine-tune 3D heads with face morphs to create custom characters.  Animate CrazyTalk 2D or 3D heads using your voice, music or any audio to smoothly lip-sync character animations and generate instant Auto-motion animation for video production, training, e-learning, motion comics or use in 3D apps like iClone.

“CrazyTalk has become the verb that means “quickly animate…”
“In my world of post production, the word, “CrazyTalk ” has become the verb that means “quickly animate that face in a way we can swap the voice file if the script changes later.”  It has been my goto tool for years.  Now that they’ve introduced 3D head creation and smooth lip sync, it has even more potential to create dynamic characters for cool animations.  CrazyTalk 8 is a must for every animator’s toolbox.”
Jesse Griffith – indie filmmaker, graphic artist for “Jimmy Kimmel Live”
Watch the demo video for CrazyTalk 8


Face Photo Fitting. 3D Faces. Custom Eyes & Teeth.


CrazyTalk 8 is an easy to learn tool that matches the skills for professionals or beginners to animation.  Generate a talking character with a single photo in classic 2D mode to simply make any photo talk or take your character creation to the next level with 3D head creation that does not require tedious modelling.  The step-by-step head creation guide in CrazyTalk 8 walk you through the process to build an unlimited library of custom 2D and 3D talking characters that can be saved and used in any number of creative animation projects.  Dress 3D characters with content and props to add hair, clothing, accessories and more to customize your creations.  Add custom eyes and teeth to CrazyTalk 8 characters for more animation capabilities.  Create talking characters using real photos or import an illustration to animate comics.

Facial Animation & Auto-Motion

Audio-driven Motion. Categorized Library. Custom Control.


Auto-Motion is the exclusive audio-driven animation feature in CrazyTalk 8 that automates typical animation scenarios with emotion and audio-interactive options to enable the voice or music to animate talking characters.  Choose from a library of six different Auto-Motion categories to add Auto-motion animations to your character and the timeline.  Mix Auto-motions from each category to trigger just the right variety of movement throughout your animation.


Smooth Lip Sync, Camera, Puppeteering

CrazyTalk 8 adds a Look-at Camera function to direct the character to always look at the camera during their performance.


Smooth Lip-Sync Animation in CrazyTalk 8 adds more control to performances with better quality morphing for the face when speaking.  Lip-sync that is auto-generated from imported or recorded audio, and even text-to-speech can also be edited within the timeline to perfect any keyframe of your animation.  CrazyTalk 8 is an intuitive lip-sync animation tool that adapts to your creative ideas.

Puppet CrazyTalk 8 characters for total animation control just like a real-live puppet that is controlled by your mouse or pen tablet.  Select and manipulate characters with full facial emotion control or by individual facial features in real-time along with the playback of the character’s voice to puppet the perfect performance.  Get even more detailed results by layering the puppeteering with multi-pass capability to work on single or a combination of facial features in one animation pass, just the mouth in another and add a final tweak with eye blinks and look around with yet another pass.  Animate everything at once or individually, you’re the puppet master with CrazyTalk.



CrazyTalk 8 Learning Center – Video Tutorials

Animating photos is just the beginning with CrazyTalk 

  • Generate motion comics using illustrated images transformed into talking 2D or 3D characters.
  • More than humans too, CrazyTalk 8 can turn your pets or wildlife images into animations that can also talk and perform just like any other photo.
  • Virtualize yourself in 3D by importing a single photo and an optional side-view of yourself to generate a 3D head that is shaped just like yours for a truly unique animated character.
  • Create your characters, lip-sync and animation, and export as a video or image sequence to use your animation in other applications for presentations, video production and sharing on social media.
  • Create 3D heads using your photos and export the 3D model to Reallusion iClone. Combine CrazyTalk 8 heads with a full-body iClone avatar to realize the complete 3D pipeline of custom face and body creation.

CrazyTalk 8 is now available for Windows and Mac


CrazyTalk 8 standard – $49.99

CrazyTalk 8 PRO – $149.99

CrazyTalk 8 PIPELINE – $199.00

CrazyTalk 8 Version Comparison Information:

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  1. Just created my first CrazyTalk video.

    2 hours watching the tutorials to figure out how to do it.
    30 minutes writing the script.
    10 minutes to modify the background.
    Just 30 minutes to create the video, 5 minutes to save and upload it as mp4 to YouTube.
    I can’t wait to do some more.

    1. Congratulations for job well done! Very nice video and excellent script. We are glad you enjoyed CrazyTalk 8. For more learning resource, you can visit here-

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