New Reallusion popVideo 3 – Smart Chroma Key for Transparent Video & Real-time 3D Compositing

Straightforward Solution for Quick, High Quality Keyed Video

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Reallusion launches popVideo 3, a dedicated HD chroma key editing tool with smart design features that greatly simplifies the task of background video removal. This allows users to work under many environmental conditions making transparent videos a reality for iClone’s real-time 3D animation engine.


This new version also comes with a range of smart features that automatically change the Edit mode to work with original, chroma keyed, or masked videos for fast editing and export. Users will also be happy to find complete masking tools with a powerful Timeline editor that supports industry standard input/output formats. But the best part about this new popVideo version is not just that it works with difficult video shooting, and environmental conditions, but that it finally allows users to import and work with a whole array of professional, external video effect libraries thanks to its unique popVideo format design that synchronizes source videos with alpha channels, in high definition, all while maintaining a small file size for optimized real-time preview. popVideo 3 is now available for $99. Windows compatible

popVideo 3 Intro Video-

One-Click Background Removal

Wide Range of Chroma Key Colour Support

popVideo 3 is a focused, chroma key editing tool that works with a wide range of setups and conditions that streamline background removals. Traditionally, green and blue screens have always been employed as the go-to colours for backgrounds, limiting not just the types of sets people need to create but also the type of wardrobe that they need to wear on set. Now, Reallusi

one-click-chroma-keyon has launched its latest version of its popVideo software that comes with an instant background removal feature that allows users to work with any colour background by simply using a colour picker that selects the colour of the matte background to set as your Chroma Key, allowing users to be free from previous blue and green colour limitation.

Powerful Timeline Editor

Flexible Mask Tools for Imperfect Shots

One of the most exciting parts about popVideo 3 is the newly-added Timeline features that are now fully key-able allowing users control over which chroma key images, mask brush, and settings are applied to frames. This greatly copes with various chroma-keying scenarios such as; lighting change, camera move, color spill, or even out-of-frame recording issues allowing anyone with a mobile camera and a low budget, to make use of instant background video removal.


Industry Standard and Enhanced Output Formats

Real-time Production Performance and Full Resolution Render Quality in one file

With popVideo 3, you can output MOV ProRes4444 transparent video for both PC and Mac, in up to 4K video size. You can also export standard Windows AVI format with separate alpha video files. Additionally, users will be able to adjust export speed and frame rate, along with the newly enhanced duo-resolution format for optimized real-time 3D composite editing and full resolution render output in iClone.  Duo-resolution videos from popVideo 3 offer a unique way to work with a large amount of videos in the same scene with two resolutions.

Duo-Resolution file for speed & quality
Optimized real-time 3D composite editing in iClone

Video Effect Library Conversion     

Work with Thousands of External Video Effects

popVideo 3’s newly enhanced file format opens the door to a huge number of professional video collections that can now be instantly edited and converted into popVideo files. This new popVideo file format has now been optimized to synchronize your HD source video per frame with alpha channels, allowing users to finally convert and employ special effect video collections from professional sources for use in iClone real-time 3D compositing.


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