The Best Tool for Easy 3D Character Creation

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What’s the best go-to tool for easy 3D character creation?

3D expert Rob Redman points out that character creation is often a whopping project as it involves modeling a character from scratch, fixing textures, skins, generating and adjusting map channels, not to mention the meticulous task of rigging full body characters which can all be daunting and exhausting.

But… Rob has found an alternative and option for creating the fastest 3D characters that require no modelling nor rigging. A tool that can be quickly learned by a beginner, while being powerful enough for any 3D expert. This option comes in the form of the iClone Character Creator tool. Which  by the way, is 100% free.

“Character Creator is simple to use, but that belies the possibilities it presents, with pretty limitless variations available.” – Rob Redman

“With unlimited variations in character and controls for geometry, materials, and props, iClone 6 Character Creator is the perfect solution for creating pre-viz and visualisation work.” 

In his software review, Rob scored the iClone Character Creation package, a 9 out of 10 scores over at Creativebloq.

Check out the full review here

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