Super fast 3D Character Animation tool makes Unreal Designer’s dream come true!

So you’ve thought about video game development before, and you’ve done your research. You might already have an idea of the game making platform you wish to use such as Unreal, or Unity. But what about all the rest of the stuff you need to create?

There are tons of character libraries online but… your game is original, and you need an original-looking character to represent your game IP. How do you quickly create and customize your own unique 3D characters?  Where can you find loopable motion cycles?  Is there a place where you can find thousands of customizable 3D props?

Holding a torch in a dark cave.

All these are very important questions that every developer has had to answer. And the amount of tools, workflows and processes is so overwhelming that it often feels like we are left holding a torch in a dark cave. Hoping to stumble upon a beacon of light that can solve this asset problem…. alas, but there is a solution!

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Enter Sterling Youngman, an award-winning film and TV producer that has produced music videos, commercials, live events, documentaries, television and feature-films.

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No prior Video Game Development Experience.

Sterling decided to tackle the world of video game development, without any prior experience in actually developing games. Answering the age-old question: How to Make a Video Game (with no experience)?  Oh… and in less than 30 days!

Now, you can start reading every internet article you can find, watch every YouTube channel on game development, or look for every book in the likes of: A Beginner’s Guide To Making Your First Video Game. Or, you can take 10 minutes to read what Sterling Youngman had to say about using iClone, and the Character Creator tool, to realize his dream of creating his very first video game in record time.

Yup! I’d probably do the same. So enjoy. And welcome to the world of fast and fun 3D character creation and animation

TLDR?  No prob. Here we have Sterling’s best quotes.

“Once in iClone, being able to literally drag and drop motions onto my characters in seconds is better than anything I have experienced.”

“I have tried several other avatar creation programs, and they all fall short compared to the iClone Pipeline.”

“iClone and its Character Creator sibling, it does a task that no other software I have used does as well, at any price”

                   – Sterling Youngman

Where do I go now?

Great. So now you know a little on how fast and productive iClone is, and how you can create, rig and animate in one go… so what now? Well you could read more about iClone and Character Creator, or you could just download them for free and have a go at them yourself. You’d be surprised what you could achieve in just a couple of hours of playing with the applications and watching YouTube tutorial videos on them.


iClone 6 – Crash Course

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Watch iClone 6 Tutorials:

Download iClone 6 FREE:


Character Creator (CC) – Crash Course

Read about Character Creator:

Watch CC  Tutorials:

Download CC FREE:









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