Modeling 3D Clothes with Marvelous Designer for Real-Time Physics Animation

When embarking on a character creation project there are so many things to plan for that it might seem overwhelming at first. Artists don’t just have to worry about coming up with the concept of the character, but they also need to consider sculpting a 3D character, shaping the details, creating a 3D mesh, texturing, and finally rigging and animating. What makes this process even more demanding is the need to model custom 3D clothing, more so if you actually wish this custom clothing to have soft cloth physics simulations.

What is the Best tool for 3D Clothing Creation?


Now there are tools out there that promise to quickly create character clothing, allowing users to create custom designs that will fit their avatars’ shape. But when it comes to employing a professional application that not just helps in designing custom 3D clothing but also in the creation of digital garments and cloth simulations, then there is no better tool than Marvelous Designer.

Marvelous Designer’s intuitive interface is interactive and easy-to-use, paving the way for logical 3D clothing creation with physical properties on each fabric. One of the great features of Marvelous Designer, is that don’t need to have fashion design background in order to create clothing. Like a real-life tailor, you simply use your own cutout templates and determine the sewing lines between different pieces of clothes, allowing Marvelous Designer to automatically conform the final cloth mesh to your 3D character’s body shape with realistic fabric and wrinkle behavior.

What Other things should I Consider?

Besides creating cloth designs one should also plan for multi-functional clothing interchangeability. This will greatly expand the number of clothing possibilities without the need to redesign and recreate 3D clothing for every 3D character. One way to do this is to use a character base from the free Character Creator tool. You can use this tool to instantly model and sculpt your 3D avatars with sliders. This brings the added value of later using this character base for real-time 3D character animation, with multiple dress layers, and automatic soft cloth simulation inside iClone. Saving you tremendous time in all the process.

Just Show Me

Now this process has been championed by 3D expert and trainer – Chuck Chen, who employed this very same process to create stunning dynamic clothing to create an animated flamenco-inspired dress.

You to can learn this process by seeing his tutorial here.

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