Using 3D.SK Human Photos to create Realistic 3D Faces

When artists begin their creative processes, creating 3D heads may not seem like an overly tedious affair. Especially when we already have tools that can make 3D characters and their heads in a pretty straight forward manner.

But what do we do when we wish to create ultra-realistic 3D models? Where can we source human head images? And what would be the best software for generating real 3D heads?

Human Photos for 3D Artists

To most artists, these questions may seem like a pain since one would immediately start thinking that they need to employ high-end applications that would take weeks to work with. Involving tasks like modeling, sculpting, texturing, skinning amount others. Just the thought of all this might cause us to simply go out and purchase an expensive high-poly character from an online marketplace.

But it doesn’t have to be this way if you employ CrazyTalk 8‘s  3D face fitting technology to speed sculpt a 3D head using one or two photographs. With CrazyTalk, you can use your own photographs or, you can outsource real-life human images from popular human reference libraries like the one found in

Lead the Way Captain

To simplify the process, you can follow a condensed tutorial on how to create 3D heads with CrazyTalk 8 & Photos.

This tutorial features images from the 3D.SK library, being used with CrazyTalk 8 to generate talking 3D heads. You can then use your spoken or recorded audio to lip-sync, along with CrazyTalk’s facial animation tools including; puppeteering and auto-motion. The Auto-motion technology is also exclusive to CrazyTalk and it uses your lip-sync voice audio or music, to automatically add animation to your character.


The guided fitting process covered in this tutorial will walk you through the steps for creating a custom 3D head which can be animated in CrazyTalk and also be sent to iClone 6, a real-time 3D animation software, for placement on a full 3D body character. Also, besides using your new 3D heads on iClone characters, you can even choose to use them with Character Creator avatar bodies for even more creation possibilities.

With these steps, you can generate all kinds of new 3D characters like:



Middle Age


Older Adult


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