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Reallusion releases the new Character Creator 1.5. Character Creator 1.5 innovates the character design process with 3D, animation-ready and fully rigged characters, custom clothing in a fast process for sculptors.  The iClone Character Creator is a base mesh that generates humanoid characters and offers extensive customization via sliders and morph tools for face and body to create a 3D character that is pre-rigged for animation.  New features for FBX, Clothing design, ZBrush, Marvelous Designer and more inside Character Creator 1.5 offer tools for 3D artists, animators, and sculptors to painlessly design fully featured 3D characters. Character Creator is a free companion tool for iClone 6 Pro.


Ultra-Compatible FBX for Lightwave, Cinema4D, Blender, 3ds Max, Maya

Character Creator (CC) 1.5 advances with new FBX support for importing and creating custom Hair, Cloth, Shoes, Gloves, Accessories and morph sliders.  Export FBX characters from CC with full body and clothing design as a template for custom clothing and character design. 3D clothing design tools are now compatible with the FBX in CC 1.5 including support for Marvelous Designer or clothing from any 3D library.

OBJ Quad mesh & ZBrush: The fastest way to go from sculpt to animation

Now export a quad body mesh of any Character Creator project in Quad.jpgaddition to the tri mesh version.  Quad mesh provides 3d sculptors with a character ready for suitably enhancing and subdividing in ZBrush.  Character Creator FBX will generate 3D characters already rigged for animation. A quick ZBrush solution for starting sculpt bases and bringing final sculpts to life with animation.

Mesh Edit & SmoothMesh.png

The Mesh Edit tool has the power to translate, scale, rotate, hide and reveal any soft selected mesh face. Spend less time in other applications with the ability to now edit and smooth the mesh in the new Mesh Edit mode to quickly fix mesh issues on-the-fly with layered clothing and the avatar.

Layered Clothing & Xray

CC 3D characters can be dressed using the Character Creator clothing system with layered clothing meshes.  Adjust the clothing layer order for collision to get every soft-cloth physics effect perfected and adjust custom clothing from imported models.  Use the new Xray mode to peer into the clothing layers and see through the character’s clothing elements to inspect and edit.

Fitting PoseEdit_Pose_Mobile.jpg

Create custom poses to see your character’s design in various positions and angles.  Import iClone iMotion to use the first frame of any motion as the pose
for CC characters.  Close the pose tool and your character will remain in position while working with other tools and edits.

Physics & Soft ClothCloth_Physics_weight_Map

Soft-cloth settings are now accessible to edit the weight map input inside Character Creator.  Assigning the weight map in CC is a new tool available to ensure characters are ultimately ready for animation and with properly flowing, hanging and moving soft-cloth.

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