LAST CALL: for the 2016 iClone 3D Character Design Contest

A Brand New Way for Character Creation

Hosted by real-time animation industry pioneer – Reallusion, the 2016 3D Character Design Contest encourages 3D artists from  the world to discover and exploit one of the most versatile 3D character creation solutions that the industry has ever seen. Best of all is that Reallusion is currently giving away this character creation system to all would-be participants for the reminder of the event. At the moment, the contest is in its last call as there are only a couple of weeks to win over $10,000 in prizes.

Contest Trailer:

Considering that 3D character design is a hugely challenging task for all the 3D artists as they need to worry about everything from modeling, sculpting, texture painting, skin rigging, and animating. This contest, aims at streamlining the process by addressing all these elements while providing artists with lots of additional benefits for:

  • varied character-morph shapes
  • switching outfits
  • dynamic materials
  • cloth physics
  • applying accessories
  • generating body animation
  • facial expressions
  • voice lip-syncs
  • 3D export

In just a few weeks since the start of the event, contestants from all around the world started creating their best works while sharing through their work-in-progress, how easy and quickly it is to utilize this new character creation system to create amazing stylized characters. Check out some of these outstanding character work-in-progress :





Zane Cartamania.png






Lilia Vorontsova.png

See more Work-in-Progress in Polycount Forum:

There is still time to ENTER, and compete for prizes over $10,000.

Join the contest NOW!

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