dcs.jpgReallusion and Michigan State University announced a strategic partnership this month and launched with a special event at the MSU College of Arts and Sciences joining the Smithsonian Latino Center for a two-day Cultural Digi Summit.  Michigan State School of Journalism, Animation and Immersive Realities professor, Stacey Fox invited Reallusion to take part in the Smithsonian Latino Center’s Cultural Digi Summit to present and demonstrate 2D & 3D character creation and animation tools for generating culturally diverse digital characters.


sf“The students are so excited to work with the Reallusion software pipeline,” said Stacey Fox, MSU’s professor of animation, mixed realities and immersive journalism. “The tools give them the industry type of production experience they can use to move from initial storyboard to full animated film, as well as 360 degree film production, which also fits in with MSU Journalism’s Immersive initiatives. The additional plugins also allow for the students to utilize the motion capture hardware generously donated from Perception Neuron, one of our other strategic partners.”

The Cultural Digi Summit included presentations from Google, Noitom, Reallusion and other companies that showed how we can celebrate culture and share experiences through technology.


The Smithsonian Latino Center presented their work with oral history preservation, Latino dance archiving through motion capture and their work with digital characters for museums and AI.  Michigan State University’s Immersive Media Lab is a fully equipped animation and production studio with Organic Motion, Noitom Perception Neuron and Reallusion animation tools.



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