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Music Record Company turned into Massive YouTube Sensation with Cartoon Animator


Pablo Escalona – Lunacreciente

Pablo Escalona – Lunacreciente

Lunacreciente is a company dedicated to the production of audiovisual children’s content with more than 10 years in the music industry, and 5 years on YouTube with over 2 Million subscribers!

They are a young company comprised of very talented people forged in the area of music, administration, production, editing and postproduction of, audio and video content determined to deliver the best possible programming to the general public.

Q: Welcome to the Reallusion Feature Stories! Please tell us a bit about your background, your experience, and your YouTube channel Lunacreciente (Crescent Moon).

Hello, I am Pablo Escalona from Lunacreciente. Originally we started as a recording studio making music for television, for jingles, and for cinema, and well from there we jumped to the world of record labels. We were a record company for many years where we developed a very wide catalog of children’s music, and meditation music. After that we made a new jump towards making videos that were in a way an example of what we were previously doing in the music world.

At first, these videos reflected a very basic form of animation until we found a software that was simple, but at the same time one that gave us all the features that we needed, and that is when we found Cartoon Animator(CTA).

We found Cartoon Animator to be a truly practical software that you don’t need to know too much about animation, in order to work with and create good animations. I feel that Cartoon Animator is an excellent software for people who are initiating themselves in the world of animation, but that also require very good quality and lots of professionalism in their work.

Q: In your channel Lunacreciente, you have many children’s videos with fun animations and original music. Tell us a bit about your decision to create child-friendly content. About your team, and your daily production routine.

The Lunacreciente Channel on YouTube was started in the year 2012, with the idea of broadcasting on a large scale all the amount of products that we had previously created and that we previously launched on CDs, DVDs, and Blurays.

Quite frankly we had a very good reception in the world of infant educational music. With what we initially developed, we obviously started with a very small team, but then our company grew and we now have a team of 15 people that include; musical producers, social media communicators, journalists, people who do illustrations, design, graphic art, and animators. With all of them we are a complete team where we try to give the public a large amount of monthly videos for people to enjoy. Obviously always aiming for our content to be child-friendly and educational for everyone’s family.

Our daily routine at Lunacreciente is very simple. We have a monthly work plan, and that work plan has to be completed every week. There is production coordination team that is in charge of developing the content, and then there is a supervising part that ensures that our quality is met.

In that process, Cartoon Animator is very important for us because in the large of amount of infant educational videos, we utilize animated illustrations created on the CTA platform. Our delivery times are one a very short schedule, and one of the things that allow us to meet these schedules is Cartoon Animator due to its speedy workflow.

Q: In your videos you use Cartoon Animator for animations. How did you discover our software, and why did you decide to use it instead of other 2D options? What advantages does Cartoon Animator have?

We discovered Cartoon Animator by searching on the web. It was a software that was ideal for us that come from the entertainment and production side side of music, and not precisely from the animation side.

We were searching for a software that gave us a user friendly approach to enter the animation world, but one that obviously wasn’t too complicated for us to learn or use. I feel that, this is the big advantage of Cartoon Animator. Its ease of starting with simple animations, but at the same time having the capacity of eventually scaling into much more professional-level animations if you choose to.

Q: Lunacreciente has an impressive amount of subscribers (2 million on YouTube). What goals do you have for your channel, and what other projects can our community expect from Lunacreciente?

Well, definitely Lunacreciente is a channel that has grown, and it has given us a beautiful surprise as it has been very well received by the community. Especially by parents, and educators in the area of infant education in Latin America.

Our goals for the future are as high as the sky. We strive to continuously win over the public as we wish to enter into other digital platforms besides YouTube. Obviously, along the way we will continue making enjoyable videos for all our faithful members and subscribers.

And certainly that will all go hand in hand with Cartoon Animator, because as long as CTA keeps on growing, so will we


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