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Kevin Seidle (AnimateMyArt)

I got into art as a child, but I was not very good at any art in general. Until one day, when I discovered computer graphics and 3D animation – that changed everything for me.

I dabbled for some years and got better over time. Today, I love to create with any software I can get my hands on. I eventually discovered iClone and fell in love with it.  Learn why…


Q: Hello Kevin, and welcome to the Reallusion Feature Stories. Please tell us about yourself, your background, and your work.

I have always loved animation ever since I was a kid. I was not really good at drawing so that  hindered my artistic capabilities. It wasn’t until I got my first computer that I began playing with any animation program I could get my hands on. Later, over the years I have acquired many programs. But I am just a hobbyist and like to animate anything I can. For years I have dabbled with many forms of computer animation, 3D modeling, and graphics. I am also a strong environmental artists due to the fact that I have lived and traveled all over the world.


Q: You have worked in many forms of art like, 2D, 3D, VFX, 3D modeling, compositing, animation, video production, and even music. Are these services you offer? Please tell us more about this.

I have worked with many programs over the years learning what I could. I have never stuck with one program, I was always eager to try new software and never limit myself to the use of just one or 2 programs.  It was not until a friend needed some help with a project that I began to offer my services to people. Over the years I have helped many people and even a few companies with artistic projects. Eventually I decided to make a small website and post small bits of art and animations, I also offer freelance work.


Q: In your work you have created some pretty cool iClone animations. Could you share with us how you discovered iClone? And why you like it? What are the advantages of using iClone?

I was creating a project for a school and needed a good presentation program, and came across CrazyTalk by Reallusion. It was exactly what I needed to be able to complete the project I was working on. During this time I decided to look around the Reallusion website at what other programs Reallusion offered. That’s when I came across iClone. I knew then, after reading and looking at demo videos, that this is a program I wanted. iClone is a great program for so many uses, it’s easy to learn compared to other 3D animation software. iClone also has a large content market with many great, ready-to-use models, motions and more.

Q: Besides using iClone, are there any other software applications that you use? Can you give any advice to upcoming animators?

iClone really help me cut down on huge amounts of time as it has great features for the price. Again it was a must have for me. 3D modeling is fun, but it can be vary time consuming and I really wanted to just start animating. iClone gave me that. Some of the other programs I use are CrazyTalk, Blender, Daz, Vue, Photoshop, Movie Edit Pro, Hitfilm4, Carrara 8.5, FaceRig, Bryce7, LightWave, Music Maker, Unreal Engine 4 and others.




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