Ron Gonzalez (Sparckman)

Hi, I’m Ron Gonzalez and I seem to be living two lives, in one life I’m a part-time college instructor – I teach graphic arts, web development and animation, I’m married, I have two kids, I pay my taxes and I help older ladies to cross the road.

And the other life – I am an indie game developer where I go by the Alias hacker Sparckman, underground-cyber bot super hero, with one objective and that is to free indie game developers from evil coding by using new generation tools to build quicker, faster, better apps, and games.

Q: Hello Cyberbot, Superhero, Sparckman. Please tell us a bit about yourself, and your background.

I grew up in the arcade era when Donkey Kong, Pacman, and Galaga were still around, even though Nintendo (NES) had already arrived in homes, it was still cool to hang out at the arcade. I think that’s where my interest in creating games and animations comes from. Back in school, my books were filled with drawings of Ninja Gaiden, MegaMan, Castelvania, Zelda, Street Fighter II, Super Metroid, and Mortal Kombat. One my first flip-book animations as a child were 2 frame animations of Pacman. Not long after that I came across an old 90’s software to create animations. My first computer animations were a Megaman shooting and jumping, along with Ryu and Ken Fighting.


MK1 - Mspaint drawing - pixel art - part #1.jpg

king kong new.jpg

Q: You have a successful YouTube channel where you cover animation, game programming, game design, music making, graphic design, and others. Could you share your thoughts on all this? What kind of users follow Sparckman?

I think people like my channel not just because of the tutorials, but because people like to subscribe to people who share similar interests. I think we all like that sense of belonging to certain particular communities whether it be animation, game development, music creation, gaming, drawing or any other interests. We always tend to gravitate towards people who are heading in the same direction as us.

Q: You use CrazyTalk Animator (CTA), and we are always curious on how users discover our software. So please tell us how did you find CTA? What are the reasons for you recommending the software to game and app developers?

A while back and friend of mine did a couple of animated intros for my channel with CrazyTalk. I saw how easy it was to create animations in CrazyTalk compared to creating animations in other applications I was using. The cool thing about CTA is that it can be used not only for animating videos but it can easily be used for game development, app design, and others which is perfect for me and my audience. With CrazyTalk Animator you can animate literally anything. You can morph and scale props, animate sprites, create instant lip-syncing, or even generate 2D sequence animations for other game platforms.

Q: Your channel is growing more each week. What is your advice to upcoming YouTubers who wish to create a successful channel like yours? What should they do, and what shouldn’t they do?

There are 3 things I think you should do if you are starting a channel:

1. First – find something you really like doing and create content about it.

2. Second – upload content regularly, and maybe even with a schedule.

3. Third – be yourself, never mind copying other people that just makes it easier for recording. Being yourself is easier than faking a personality.

In the don’ts section, I would say if you are just starting then avoid spending too much money on fancy equipment. Sometimes all you need is a simple camera, a microphone, and an editing software for videos. Don’t worry too much about numbers, subscribers, and views. Eventually they do go up as you keep creating content. And last, don’t worry about what big YouTubers are doing. Do your own thing. Comparing yourself with bigger YouTubers will only discourage you.

In the end, I think everything boils down to just “having fun while creating content”.


Recently, I’ve also started dabbing into 3D animation with iClone 7 which has proved to be an incredibly easy-to-use tool. Here is my First Look at iClone !

To see more of Sparckman’s work, visit >>

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