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Garry Pye

I am 48 years old and I’ve been drawing cartoons ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I am a self-taught artist, illustrator, and animator who specialises in creating characters, backgrounds and prop content.

I started working as a Reallusion Content Developer as a hobby in my spare time, and what originally started as ‘a bit of fun‘ has turned into a full-time business! And now, four years later, I have over 1,400 individual items in the online Marketplace who I sell to animators all around the world.

I’ve also occasionally dabbled in making animated funny comics from time to time.

Q: Please tell us a bit about your background and your work. When did you start working on animation?

I have been interested in cartoon illustration and animation since I was a child, and my style of illustration was influenced by the original Warner Bros. cartoons and MAD magazines.


Over the years I have used just about every 2D animation software ever produced, and about 4 years ago I started animating with CrazyTalk Animator (CTA) just for a bit of fun in my spare time. I soon realized there was an opportunity for me to become a Content Developer and sell some of my artwork to other animators, which was the best move I ever made.

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Four years on — and with over 1,000 Facebook followers later, my content development has become a successful full-time job! Hopefully one day soon, it will become my main revenue stream. It would be fair to say that my content development for CTA is now more of an obsession than a hobby.

Q: Do you remember how you discovered our software and why you chose it?

I’ve used just about every 2D software ever created. I’ve tried them all. When I found CrazyTalk Animator, I thought I would give it a go because the price was affordable and there seemed to be a good amount of tutorials online that would help.

The most frustrating part of learning any new software is the learning curve you have to go through before you can actually produce anything worthwhile. The beauty of CTA is that within hours of first using it, you start to see good quality results.

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Even for a novice with no experience, it only takes a short time to create a project and see your animations come to life. This is thanks to the built-in characters, scenes, props and the powerful software iMotions which take all the difficulty out of animating and make creation fun. And as your skills grow, you can take advantage of the power of the software to create bigger and more detailed animations, this includes creating and rigging your own characters and scenes from your own artwork.

Whether I want to do a quick, simple animation or a more detailed project, the only limit to what you can do with CrazyTalk Animator is what you can dream up! Now, CTA is the only software I use for animating. For 2D animation, I find there is nothing I can’t do with it.

Q: Besides these, what other software applications do you use?

All my content is first hand-drawn on paper and then scanned into Photoshop. From there I color it in either Photoshop for PNG art, or CorelDraw for vector images. Then I import everything into CrazyTalk Animator for animation. The final animation files are edited together externally in a video editing software by Pinnacle. You can also use any other video editing application.

I have experimented with putting my cartoon illustrations into CrazyTalk 8 with great results, to create full-talking heads. And from there I have even managed to export those 3D heads to full 3D characters in Character Creator, and iClone. That’s the beauty of the Reallusion software packages as so many of them can be used seamlessly together to create amazing projects in no time.

TUTORIAL: Take Sketches to Finished 3D Characters with iClone


Q: What can the animation community expect from you in the future?

What started out as a fun little hobby for me has, over the last four years, developed into a full-time secondary business by developing content for CTA, from characters scenes and props. Although I have a full-time day job with my family business, my dream is to someday work as a full-time CTA content developer… and currently I am well on my way to seeing that goal come true!

In the last year I have spent all my time developing a new series of G3 characters for CTA3 called the Little Mates, which commercially have been my most successful content to date. I have plans to expand their universe with even more characters in the future. So long as their popularity grows with my customers, I will continue to create them.

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However I will not be giving up on my other content development plans to create scenes and props for the backgrounds of animations. This was the work I started with, and I will certainly be continuing with that. But day-to-day I rarely know what project I will pick up and begin next.

That’s why I love CTA as an animation program, as I don’t have to worry about what CTA is capable of doing. I just have to let my creativity flow and I know CTA can make it work.


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