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Realm Pictures is about fusion, about combining two concepts to give birth to a new stronger one.

Their goal is to combine the resourcefulness of Independent Film with the impeccably high production values of Hollywood cinema. To combine the mystical tradition of British storytelling with the newest in digital and solid state technologies. In doing so they hope to choose a new path of strength, integrity and excellence.

In their production, they have chosen to use the iClone 3D Animation software for pre-visualization prior to the actual shooting of the film, along with character motion capture for their scenes.

Interview with Realm Pictures

Dave and Shaz talk us through Pre-Viz and how they plan to create the UnderWater Realm with the help from the iClone Animation platform and its plug-ins.

— “A big thanks to Reallusion for working with us to build the pre-viz workflow with their software iClone. More pre-viz productions to come over the next few weeks as we let you in the process as it develops!” — Realm Pictures


iClone for Previsualization

In their film pre-production Dave and Shaz have been using iClone for previsualization – which is a type of storyboarding but without pen and paper. Pre-creating their movie in 3D, almost like playing a computer game but it’s a game where you can change your camera lenses and plan moves for the camera while creating your characters in 3D. Previsualization is important for speeding up development time, as it significantly lowers stage, set, actor, and production costs.

During week 48, they have populated iClone with all the props, sets, and locations and everything else that will be in the actual film without having to spend any money or roll the cameras. With iClone, they can literally build and watch their movie prior to actually having the production designer physically build the sets which would sometimes come with costly mistakes.


iClone Kinect Motion Capture

In their process, Realm Pictures has also managed to use the iClone Kinect Motion Capture plug-in , which is a really good way to get quick and basic, custom animations straight into iClone Characters without having to spend a long time to manually keyframe every character motion in the shot.

It’s all about creating something quick and just good enough so that you can see what is going on, sort of like a CG sketch, as previz is not about creating a final polished look but about rapidly visualizing your progress and ideas.


The Making of the Underwater Realm

Funded at the beginning of 2012 by over 1,000 Kickstarter backers, The Underwater Realm is arguably the most ambitious independent film project ever attempted. This documentary explores how a team of 200 volunteers completed 5 short films set under our oceans on less than half the coffee budget of the Hobbit.

Follow the story going back two years as the team at Realm Pictures and hundreds of others dedicate their heat and soul to creating something truly unique. All five films are available on-line and the journey doesn’t stop here.

The Underwater Realm Films

THE UNDERWATER REALM tells the story of five times throughout history that humanity has caught a glimpse of the survivors who still live on the ocean floor.

Created by a fully volunteer team, THE UNDERWATER REALM is arguably the most ambitious independent film project ever attempted. Made for less than half of the coffee budget for Peter Jackson’s THE HOBBIT*, the team has recreated five different time periods, developed their own underwater lighting and speaker systems, and built a life size, fully rocking gun deck of a Spanish Galleon. The team have trained and worked with some of Britain’s top SCUBA and free diving experts in order to bring this ambitious project to reality.

Every step of the production has been documented via a weekly video blog, followed by the project’s thousands of backers worldwide. THE UNDERWATER REALM is helmed by acclaimed independent filmmaker David M Reynolds, following on from his success with the award winning ZOMBLIES.

Now available. Users can watch all five films on YouTube in cinema quality 4K – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDlhuMt3bvo&list=PLR5g6lYZ0zRHQYfw7gYNEV8CoiKxGjZsR

For more information, check out: http://www.theunderwaterrealm.com
or their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/UnderWaterRealm

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