SIGGRAPH 2017 Los Angeles, Reallusion unveiled iClone 7’s newest technological features along with its latest partnerships with industry-leading motion capture solutions – Faceware Technologies and Xsens 3D Motion Tracking.

During the 3 day show, attendees had the chance to experience for themselves the real-time power of iClone 7 and its democratization of motion capture for both facial and body motion tracking, in an all-in-one convenient pipeline.


Congratulations to our iClone 7 and Faceware Real-time Plugin Lucky Draw Winners

John Mcintosh & David Lee Fisher


Reallusion Booth Setup


Once the Reallusion booth was set up, the team was fast at work gathering large number of crowds as it showcased its latest iClone 7 plug-ins where guests, media, and curious onlookers had the chance to experience live demonstrations and Q&A sessions about iClone 7’s real-time face and body mocap featuring support for Xsens and Faceware.


Hourly LIVE Demos throughout the Show

Reallusion had hourly demo topics along with question & answer sessions for 3D Character Creation, LIVE Face & Body motion capture, motion layer editing, lip-sync animations and more.


Reallusion Press and Show Media

The Reallusion booth drew crowds and crowds of interested folks along with many different media channels that were eager to learn and document all the latest iClone 7 features and partner motion capture capabilities.

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Partner Interviews

Reallusion partners like Faceware Technologies also had the chance to be interviewed, both at the iClone Motion Capture booth, and at their own booth areas.

Here Faceware Technologies had the chance to be interviewed by the crew at Bionic Buzz:



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  1. Uhhh… any idea when the facial mocap plugin for Iclone 7 will be released for sale? Patiently waiting over here.

    1. Hi Alasandro, thank you for contacting us. If no delays, then the “Faceware Realtime for iClone” plug-in will be launched at the end of September, 2017. (or earlier)

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