Andrius Beconis

My name is Andrius Beconis and I am a 3D artist based in Lithuania.

I’ve also been working in the TV industry for over 3 years now. Currently, I’m working on a show that showcases traditional artists such as painters, sculptors and so on, so I’m always close to creative personalities. This gives me constant inspiration and motivation to learn and move forward as a 3D artist.

I am also an iClone PBR Content Developer, as I have created a Medieval Weapons pack that is available in the Reallusion Content Store. Additionally, I am currently working to create new upcoming packs for the iClone Community.

Q: Please tell us a bit about your background and your work. Also, share with us when and why did you start working on 3D model design?

I first discovered models back when I was a child when someone introduced me to paper models. After that, nobody could get me away from them. 🙂

Later, I moved on to plastic planes and vehicles. But all this time I felt like there was something missing. So I started creating my very own models. That incredible feeling when an idea comes to life, is still with me today when I create 3D models. Similarly, how nobody could get me away from physical models, nobody could now get me away from computer games as well.


As time went by I started to look deeper into games, how are they made, how do they work and so on. During that time my passion for models and 3D visuals collided. Ever since then, I have created models in 3D and I’m still amazed by how much freedom there is during the creation process.


Q: Please tell us how you start your own content business, and why you choose to work with the Reallusion platform and tools – iClone and Character Creator.

Well, I was always fascinated by the possibility to make money from doing what I love. That for me became a reality when I discovered iClone and Character Creator.

I was looking to start a content business for some time now, but it was overwhelming so I kept postponing it for later time and again, until I found Reallusion. Also, because I specialized in making models for games, everything just felt so right and familiar with the real-time tools they offer the industry.


And in regards to characters, the hard part is already done by Reallusion, as no longer have to do any sculpting and rigging. Only the the fun part is left for us to enjoy. Add that to a friendly team at Reallusion, a huge and eager community, and really there aren’t many more questions left unanswered!


Q: Besides these real-time tools, what other software do you use? Could you share any samples of your work?

Besides iClone and Character Creator there are actually not so many programs that I use, at least for 3D.

I am a huge fan of Blender and I use it almost every day for all kinds of things, but mostly for modeling and rendering.

Regarding texturing, in my opinion, there is nothing that can beat Substance Painter, it’s just amazing. Marvelous Designer is a huge part of my workflow now. It’s very intuitive and gives very good results, quickly. A huge time saver.

And of course ZBrush, as I have no idea what I would do without it. I also use Unreal and Unity from time to time when I feel like a game developer for a day 🙂


Q: Could you tell us, what can the 3D community expect from you in the coming future?

Oh, a lot of things! When I started working with 3D, I started with props and weapons, so these things will always be near my heart. I will definitely be creating quite a few of those.

So far I have created a Medieval Weapons PBR Content Pack for the iClone community. These props are textured with high-quality PBR maps including Normal, Metallic, Roughness, and AO to take advantage of advanced features in iClone 7.

You can also expect a lot of interesting new characters and outfits to come from me soon. These include assets from fantasy, to realistic styles, to ancient Rome. I believe that everyone should find something that they like in what I offer.




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