ChenKen (鄭全港)

My name is ChenKen and I founded Kohlrabi 3D Studio in 2016 in Taiwan, to provide fast and convenient 3D outsourcing solutions. 

I like to create characters and build realistic and fantasy worlds. 3D allows me to realize all this, and the iClone animation suite makes all my characters more vivid and interesting.

I am a Certified Reallusion Content Developer. And I was one of the first developers to create one of the first Character Creator PBR Content Packs for the Reallusion Content Store.

Q: Please tell us a bit about your background and your work. When and why you started working on 3D model design?

Well, living on my interest is a fantastic thing! I liked to draw and play video games ever since my childhood, so I joined the game industry right after graduating from an arts school. Through creating arts for games, I was able to polish my arts skills and accumulate experiences while having fun! Games made my work serious yet interesting. I have really enjoyed my work and life these years.

As an artist and senior supervisor, I have more than 10 years experience in the game industry. Now I spend most of my time in taking freelance projects, and managing my 3D freelance site – Kohlrabi Studio I built up in 2016. I look forward to gathering more 3D artists, learning from each other, and promoting 3D to the world.

Q: Tell us how you start the content business, and why you choose to create content for Reallusion tools – iClone and Character Creator.

In the past, I got an opportunity to meet up with some of the awesome people at Reallusion. After watching Reallusion for several years, seeing them grow, and listening to their future plans, I felt truly honored to be invited to be a Certified Character Creator Content Developer.

As I delved into the first projects, I was well equipped with all their official developer resources like the whitepapers, manuals, and tutorials. Additionally, along with all the helpful guidance from the professional and friendly Reallusion Content Team, I learned how to best use iClone, allowing me to complete my first Anime Character – Ayaka content pack in just two months.




Q: Besides iClone and Character Creator, what other software applications do you use? Do you have any samples of your work?

Over my career I have used many popular industry tools like 3ds Max, Maya, and ZBrush, but mostly for creation.

When it comes to inspiration, I usually get inspired by comics and illustrations such as ONE-PUNCH MAN, NARUTO, KOBITOS, and many others.



Q3_popo st02.jpg

Q: After such a great start, what can the 3D animation community expect from you and your studio in the near future?

In recent years, I have been fascinated by studying texture materials and specifications for Next Generation assets, and I have gradually realizing these new concepts into my character creation process.

Through the change of materials and body structures, I am able to create various character artworks from the same original base characters. Thus, freeing up time and resources thanks to the flexibility of Character Creator.

The diversity of the product is the most of important factors I care about, and I believe that this is the only way to increase visibility in the market. I’m glad to know that my first character Ayaka got a lot of positive feedback, and I will take this experience to continue creating a series of Japanese and Korean-style characters.

Stay tuned.



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