Suphakanya Promjaree (Sapann)

My name is Suphakanya Promjaree, and I am based in Thailand.

I am a vector artist under the author name – “Sapann Design”.  For over 3 years now, I’ve been working as a vector contributor to several microStock agencies like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock (Fotolia), 123RF, and Vectorstock.

I like creating 2D characters in a traditional flat design as it gives me more leeway for quick styles and adjustments. Lately, I’ve discovered CrazyTalk Animator, and I’ve been very impressed on how my clipart characters can easily animate in this software for explainer videos, business presentations, and more.

Q: Please tell us a bit about your background and your work. When and why did you start working on 2D graphic design?

I graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and I worked as a production engineer in an electronics factory for some period of time. My job at that time was not anything close to what I am doing now. I’m not very good in hand drawing but I’ve always been interested to learn how to draw by using software.

So 4 years ago, I started as  a self-taught artist by using Adobe Illustrator to draw some vector assets, and then I became a vector contributor to several microstock agencies and even managed to get some jobs for custom-made illustrations.

Here are some examples from a skincare project I worked on:



Q: Could you tell us how you started your content business, and why you chose to use Reallusion’s CrazyTalk Animator 2D software?

Well, originally I got invited by Reallusion to join their community as a content developer for CrazyTalk Animator content after their community gave me high praises for my work on Shutterstock. The animation community is very active, so everyone notices what you do on other sites and they always recommend where your assets can contribute the most.

I have to say thank you to Reallusion and the CrazyTalk Community for noticing, and reaching out to me for this opportunity. I’m fascinated by the easiness of the CrazyTalk Animator software and I am eager to learn new things, while picking up new skills from the forums.

It is a great feeling, and so much fun to see my own characters come to life in CrazyTalk explainer videos, and other animations!

Q: Besides CrazyTalk Animator, what other software do you use? Any samples of your work?

I mainly use Adobe illustrator to create my vector artworks. Initially, I started to draw my first characters about 2 years ago and after they turned out pretty good, I got encouraged to continue making more vector assets.

Since then I have kept on drawing more and more 2D vector characters as I have seen a growing demand for people using them in explainer videos, and business videos.

Below are some examples of my vector characters.




Q: You look like a promising artist, and we certainly wish you the very best. What else can the animation community expect from you in the future?

To be honest, I know that I am new to this field but like I mentioned before — I am doing my very best to keep up the good work and help deliver what the community expects.

I really hope that I can continue to produce cool 2D characters and more, for the CrazyTalk Animator content store and the community in general!  🙂

Thank you for believing in me!





To see more of Sapann’s work, visit >>

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