chad_03“iClone 7 is crazy-fast!”

“Creating game characters and animation is a snap for Unreal.  There’s lots of tools out there for animation, but iClone 7 just does it a bit faster and the characters look great inside the real-time PBR viewport while I’m animating.”

Learn how to create and animate game characters for the Unreal engine UE4 with iClone.

PDFChad Schoonover’s 10 video tutorial series will show the process to create and animate Character Creator characters for iClone, motion editing in Motion Builder and iClone compared and preparing characters for export to Unreal.

The entire process workflow is documented by Chad, just as he has documented the process for animation studio teams he has lead.  Chad uses screenshots to detail the path to Unreal from iClone. Download PDF here. Reallusion_CC2iC2UE4

Playlist of 10 videos including an introduction.



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  2. Hi! I’m looking for a easy-to-use program for animate a farm as it will look in the future in 3D. The best solution I’ve got right now is The Sim 3 (The game), but there must be a easy to use program.

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