Vitaly Okulov (Not_Lonely)

My name is Vitaly Okulov and I am a 3D environmental artist.

I’m a 3D artist with over 9 years of experience. My main skills are both low and high-poly modeling, texturing, 3D scanning and rendering for modern game engines such as Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4.

Quality is the most important thing in my approach to design. I’m trying to make the absolute best art for other game developers to use. Both visual and quality levels increase with every new project I do. My happiness comes from creating something new and progressive and using all modern techniques in the 3D and game industry.

Today I create 3D assets for interactive apps, and sell assets on the Unity Asset Store , UE4 Marketplace, and of course the Reallusion Content store for iClone.

Q: Could you talk to us a little on your background and your work? When and why did you start working on 3D model design?

Well, I have been creating 3D-content for PC and console games for about 3 years now, and working in 3D for around a decade. I’ve started in this direction since 2007, as I was trying to make game mods during those days. A few years later one local city studio recruited me, and started to work on different still renders and animation projects.

Five years later, when I had a lot of experience in 3D-modeling/rendering and some experience in animation, I came across the Unity game engine and this event became marked the beginning of a new age in my career 🙂

Question1.jpg* This is one of my projects that I made, when I was working in the studio. It’s a static render with a post processing.

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* My modular Greenwood Fantasy Village

Q: How did you start working in the content creation business?

The Unity game engine became the starting point for me in that. Some time later after using Unity just for fun – I was simply playing with my current 3D models in the engine – and I met a guy who was already selling 3D models in the Unity’s store. He inspired me to try to sell some of my stuff, so I submitted my first simple set of furniture.

Then the next pack, which was specially created for the store, had some pretty good sales. Now I’m one of the most popular publishers at Unity, Unreal Engine, and the Reallusion content stores.

Question2.jpg* My first simple model pack.

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* My Western Saloon PBR pack

Q: You have experience with Unity, what software do you use to create your assets? Could we see some examples?

I use 3ds Max and Blender for modeling, and Substance Painter and Designer for texturing. I think it does not matter what tools you use for modeling, but texturing – that’s another thing.

Earlier I used to use my DSLR camera, and Photoshop for texturing, along with textures from the Internet. But now the industry requires more from 3D artists, so now we have to use procedural approaches for texturing to create perfect-looking PBR content. This is a very good way to create 100% unique, authentic, and atmospheric content.


* 100% procedural painted wood material.

Q: Thank you for your time. Before we go, could you tell us what can the community expect from you in the future?

Short answer – more HQ content.

A bit longer answer: I want to continue creating a few of my current pack themes to provide more complete 3D environments to the community. And of course – continue to offer higher-quality assets with the each new project 🙂



To see more of Vitaly’s work, please visit >>

Reallusion Content Store: https://www.reallusion.com/contentstore/featureddeveloper/profile/#!/NOT_Lonely/iClone?updatecache=1

Website: http://not-lonely.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/notlonely92

Sketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/not_lonely

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