Darkness Anomaly


Vassago Studios was founded in 2014 by Roman Perezogin, who has been working independently with his own funds in this one-man studio, where he has utilized iClone and its Character Creator tool to meet deadlines and funding for the game.

In 2015 the production of the first Vassago Studios title “Darkness Anomaly” started with the creation of a playable demo which tapped into the CRYENGINE INDIE DEVELOPMENT FUND –  a grant program for the indie dev teams doing work with CRYENGINE.

The aim of the campaign was to test the atmosphere of CRYENGINE for a horror game. In 2016, preparations for the campaign began, bringing insights to whether there is interest in the game idea for Steam – Valve’s digital distribution platform. After only 3 days, Darkness Anomaly ranked 10th of all submitted projects.

“Creating beautiful, highly-detailed NPCs in hours, and letting them come alive in the CRYENGINE was never so easy before! We are very lucky to have found the iClone software for indie devs.” – Roman Perezogin


The Story

Darkness Anomaly is a open world horror game with a strong focus on story and character development while being heavily based on elements such as puzzles, exploration, and combat.

The story begins in a small town called “Kingdom Valley” where cruel killings happen and the local police department finds no other way but to turn to the FBI. From the nearby FBI district an agent named “Nick Reeves” is sent to the small town. When he arrives there, he finds out that supernatural rituals have been taken place, and that “something” was summoned.16107145_640357709483944_2275522088842651820_o.jpg

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The player controls the main character Nick in the ‘First Person’ and controls it in an open 3D world environment, that places a strong focus on a natural atmosphere. Here, visual impressions, sounds and an emotional soundtrack unite to deliver a special experience.




The Must-Have Tools

During the development of Darkness Anomaly, Roman has repeatedly found himself in a time crunch where he needed to constantly advance his progress through the use of different tools.

Below, Roman shares his thoughts on the iClone Animation Pipeline —

“We are currently using the Reallusion tools, and this is quite amazing in multiple ways as the possibilities with iClone to re-work animations, especially in the area of facial animation are pretty fast and stunning. It’s also a huge advantage that all iClone animations, and characters work surprisingly well with CRYENGINE.”

“We can create highly-detailed characters within just a few minutes in the Character Creator tool, while applying our own custom clothing, accessories and more. In the Character Creator tool, we tested the pipeline by first creating a minion monster and then did a little bit of editing in ZBrush within just a short amount of time.”


“Additionally, the iClone 3DXchange is really useful not only for converting and exporting iClone characters through FBX to other game engines, but also for all kinds of 3D objects!”

“We have been very fortunate to discover these must-have applications in time, and also very happy to have found great tech support with the people at Reallusion. We are really happy to have Reallusion on our side to help us with the development!”

Your Support

If you would like to know more about the Darkness Anomaly game, or you would like to download, play and support the development then:

Visit their indie development fund page on CRYENGINE – https://www.cryengine.com/development-fund/projects/darkness-anomaly

IndieDB.com – http://www.indiedb.com/games/darkness-anomaly

Webpage – http://journeystudio.wixsite.com/darknessanomaly

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgfdJ19jWgj5Frpj4h9gGdw

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/darknessanomalythegame/

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