Using Substance Painter to Texture Character and Export Maps for Use with iClone 7 PBR Shader


In this video walkthrough the team at Allegorithmic takes a look at texturing a character and exporting maps for use with the PBR shader in iClone 7.

For this tutorial, users can also download FREE project files to try out this Armored Military Male Paint.

Download files:

Don’t forget to check out the iClone Battle Mech Series – Brute Armor Pack.

These sets of heavy, and rough armors have been engineered through modular components with hardened helmets, protective torsos, battle-ready lower sections, and combat arms. Delivering a perfect balance between imaginative features and practical, real-world designs. Several techniques and processes have been employed to create and refine these armored character bases that not only look cool, but that also offer logical battle functions.


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Learn More about Substance Painter:

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