iClone Unreal Live Link showcased @ 2019 Yokohama Unreal Fest East

October 6, 2019 (Sun) – Yokohama, Japan

This year, Reallusion was invited by Epic Games to participate in UNREAL FEST EAST in Yokohama to showcase the iClone Unreal Live Link plug-in.

Since 2014, the event has since been held in the Kantō region (East) in the fall and the Kansai region (West) in the spring. For this event the number of attendees has been increasing year by year, as it attracts innovative uses of Unreal Engine

In Unreal Fest East, Reallusion partnered with its Japanese distributor .TOO Corporation to demonstrate the benefits of using iClone and Character Creator to directly transfer real-time characters, motions, lights and cameras into Unreal Engine.

Unreal Fest East hosted several stages where attendees could signup for different lectures throughout the day. After each lecture, crowds then had the chance to exit the stage and experience some of the floor demos that surrounded the event.

Many crowds visited the Reallusion booth to witness how they can now accelerate virtual production through iClone’s Ecosystem for character creation / animation.

It was a highly successful event that was all possible thanks to the Epic Games team who invited Reallusion to bring the iClone Unreal Live Link to Japan.

Right after the show, the hasthag #UE4Fest was trending on Twitter which included several posts that talked about iClone’s realtime pipeline demo, its upcoming Headshot plug-in for Character Creator, and Ikinema alternatives for Unreal Engine.

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