befores & afters: A Live Mocap’d Animated Character Could be What You Need to Ramp up Your Online Sessions

See how ASIFA-SOUTH is using Reallusion’s Cartoon Animator 4 to do just that.

Thanks to befores & afters journalist Ian Failes reporting on how ASIFA-SOUTH brings animated mascot into livestreams with the help of Cartoon Animator 4.

With special designed 2D “mascot puppets” and using Cartoon Animator 4’s abilities to live-track facial performance and hand movements and create real-time lip sync. ASIFA-SOUTH has made their video sessions into very different experiences.

The choice of Cartoon Animator came partly from its accessibility. All users need is a webcam or iPhone, while a lot of extensibility can also come from using a Leap Motion device for finger and arm capture-to-animation. The simple set-up brings a lot of value to the sessions. – Marisa Ginger Tontaveetong, president of ASIFA-SOUTH

Professor Apple in fully cartoon rendered form.

Tontaveetong is particularly excited about adopting a tool, in Cartoon Animator, that is not only able to assist in communication and interaction, but also likely to be something that animation-centric members will be curious to explore themselves. For example, a recent live animation voice-over battle hosted by ASIFA-SOUTH utilized Cartoon Animator to enable users to make 30-45 seconds of animation as a way of both learning the tool and the art of V/O.

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Tutorial: Cartoon Animator and After Effects – a great combination


Long-time After Effects user and Cartoon Animator power user and content creator, Warwick Hays runs through the process he used to create this Comedy sketch animation, using Cartoon Animator 4 and its huge selection of ready-to-use characters, assets and pre-made character motions to bring them into Adobe After Effects to add a bit of polish to the final animation. 

Warwick Hays

Warwick Hays

My name is Warwick Hays and I’ve been using After Effects for a long time. I have also delved into and creating content with Cartoon Animator for a number of years now, as I am a featured content developer on Reallusion’s Content Store.

I have, in the past, used After Effects to animate characters and have always found it difficult to keep track of keys while keeping my projects simple to manage. Then I found Cartoon Animator’s quick, simple and a short learning curve. All I needed was an easier way to get what I created in Cartoon Animator back into After Effects to be able to add a layer of effects and post-processing.. 

With the recent release of the Cartoon Animator to After Effects plugin EVERYTHING is much easier. I wanted to show how I use some of the key features in both software packages to produce fast character animation and add a few ‘bells and whistles’ to the animation at the end.

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