ActorCore Innovates the Motion Capture Marketplace – The Premium Online Motion Capture Library

AAA motion capture to fit any size project, game, film or budget

Reallusion, the developer of Character Creator and iClone, known for its real-time character creation and animation, launches a browser-based 3D motion platform:  ActorCore. ActorCore offers one of the most diverse 3D mocap motion libraries with thousands of high-quality character motions for the Business, Training, Archiviz, Film, and Game industries.  

“Reallusion strives to continually revolutionize Character Creation and Character Animation.  Motion assets and motion capture is the most time-saving and effective ingredient to give life to all characters, and studios do much of their production relying on mocap libraries. ActorCore is a steady source for the highest quality motion capture. We’ve carefully planned our performance collections and are now delivering thousands of premium and professional on-demand sequences. ActorCore focuses on quality and accessibility to easily acquire the motions you need.” Charles Chen, CEO, Reallusion Inc.

ActorCore official trailer:

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