3D Motions for 2D Animation Production Now a Reality

Cartoon Animator 4.4 Releases with 3D Motion Converter and Motion Link Plug-in

The world of animation traditionally has a set of tools devoted to 2D or 3D, now with the release of Cartoon Animator 4.4, 3D Motion Converter, and the Motion Link plug-in the benefits of 3D motion have arrived for 2D animators. The new motion transfer technology from Reallusion connects Cartoon Animator and iClone for a blend of features for 3D motion import and editing through the two animation applications. Even motion libraries like ActorCore are now able to import into Cartoon Animator. The Reallusion ecosystem is innovating to bring the vital resource of 3D motion to 2D animators with Cartoon Animator 4.4 and the Motion Link Plug-in.

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